Liquid Solidification Material

Smith Creek is quickly becoming a leader in the field of liquid solidification solutions. With extensive inventories of “super absorbent” wood based products, we are shipping long distances to satisfy this need. Give us a call for a product designed specifically for you. The absorbing qualities of the wood make makes your waste landfill acceptable.

Sustainable Solutions for Liquid Waste

Smith Creek’s solidification material is a great solution to transform your liquid waste into a solid substance to dispose of it properly.

Bulk Liquid Solidification Material

Proper waste management is an essential part of society’s public and environmental health. For this reason, we offer solidification material in bulk, as a safe and natural solution to dispose of liquid waste. If your organization has large quantities of liquid waste, contact us, and we can help you dispose of it responsibly.

Take Advantage of Smith Creek's Solidification Solutions

Let us help you responsibly dispose of your liquid waste.