Pine Fines Mulch

Made from finely shredded bark from pine trees, pine fines mulch has a wide range of uses in the home garden. While the size of the fines do not make ideal for large landscaping areas, pine fines are great to use as a mulch in gardens.

  • Perfect as a soil conditioner
  • Helps soil retain moisture
  • Loosens soil, making it easier to work, preventing clumping
  • Available in bag and in bulk

How Much Mulch or Soil do I Need?

Pine Fines - A High Quality Soil Conditioner

Originating from our mills in the south, this product is widely used as a premium soil amendment. Containing all bark with virtually no white wood, pine fines are highly sought after for various growing mediums.

Private Label Pine Fines Mulch

Looking to offer high-quality mulch to your customers under your own brand? Take advantage of Smith Creek’s private labeling service and expand your product offerings. Our expert team will manufacture, package, and distribute your products, ensuring quality service at every step of the process. Contact us today to learn more.

Get High-Quality Pine Fines from Smith Creek

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