Grade A Cypress Mulch

Grade A Cypress mulch is shredded from the outer bark of the tree so there is less pulp. For this reason, it decomposes slower, and also prevents the mulch from washing out or blowing away.

  • Highly Nutritious for Soil
  • Shows off plants beautifully
  • Consistent in Appearance and Size
  • Naturally insect resistant
  • Suppresses weed germination
  • Available in bags only

How Much Mulch or Soil do I Need?

Premium Bagged Grade A Cypress

Our 100% Cypress is a natural insect resistant mulch that helps suppress weed germination. Available in bags only.

Private Label Grade A Cypress

Looking to offer high-quality mulch to your customers under your own brand? Take advantage of Smith Creek’s private labeling service and expand your product offerings. Our expert team will manufacture, package, and distribute your products, ensuring quality service at every step of the process. Contact us today to learn more.

Get the Best Grade A Cypress Mulch from Smith Creek

Buy our bagged Grade A Cypress to suppress weeds and insects. Contact us today to purchase.