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Quality is Our Mission

At Smith Creek, we aim to build strong and trusted relationships. We work closely with our customers to help strengthen their business through sustainable practices and products, ensuring positive, environmentally-friendly outcomes.

We strive to continually improve our current products, develop new ones, and above all, deliver excellent customer service.

The Smith Creek Team

The people behind the Smith Creek name have the drive, accountability, and competence you can depend on—a team that is dedicated to exceed your expectations for quality, service and support. From our sales representatives to our transportation department, we listen, respond, and continually strive to earn your confidence and trust. Not only will you benefit from the products we offer, but you will enjoy the lasting relationship with experts in the industry.

Matt Smith


Tom Coats


Jeff Roll

Sales Product Manager

Brett More

Sales Product Manager

Jay Engle

Procurement Manager

Rob Welch

Transportation Manager

Bobby Allbright

Plant & Facility Maintenance Manager

Nathan Smith

Production Manager

Wade Stevens

Safety manager

Tom Schilmiller

Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Manager

Cameron Weber

Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Coordinator

Jason Rotenberger

Vehicle & Equipment Inventory Purchasing Control Associate

Andy Quinn

Accounting Specialist & Credit Analyst

Deanna Russell

Plant & Facilities Inventory Purchasing Control Associate

Helping Companies Go Green

Does your company have wood waste that needs to be removed from your facility? Dont’ send it to a landfill, let Smith Creek engineer a solution to remove your wood waste, responsibly recycle it, and provide you with our Green Certification. This signals to others that your brand cares about sustainability by recycling it’s waste. Click learn more to learn more about our procurement and recycling services.

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